Friday, March 9, 2012

First Impression Club Review: Callaway Razr Fit

Well, I finally got to hit the Razr Fit today. I've been waiting to try this club for a couple weeks after all of the hype and pros playing this driver.

The first thing I noticed was the head shape. I really do not like the ridge on the top of Callaway drivers. It just does not look good. The Callaway alignment aid is good, as usual, with its low-profile chevron design. And the overall design of the clubhead is good. The head does not look too big and the paint is pretty nice.

The face seems to be pretty deep for a Callaway driver. And the design of the sole is pretty nice. I think the sole could be a little bit less cluttered, but since you do not hit the ball with the sole, I guess it can look however it wants if it performs.

Now on to performance. I was only hitting into a net so I could not get ballflight, but it felt pretty good off the face. It definitely had some pop, which I think is pretty good for an adjustable driver. When you hit one square, the sound is extremely loud. I have played some loud drivers before (Cleveland HiBore XL, other Cobras) so it doesn't bother me, but if you are used to the thwack of a Titleist or older PING model, you may be surprised. The ball seemed to launch off the face, and the initial launch was very good. I would love to hit this driver outside to see the actual ballflight characteristics.

Overall, Callaway seems to have jumped right into the adjustable driver field with a winner. I definitely put this one near the top of my list to try out and decide what I am going with this season.


Look: B
Feel: A-
Performance: A-/B+
Overall: B+


  1. I tried the Razor Fit driver and fairways woods this weekend and was very impressed. Solid with a strong trajectory is exactly what I like. I didn't find it to be loud at all, but very solid. I opened the face a little bit and hit a lot of fades which is the opposite of my normal ball flight. It was long, solid and easy to hit and was easily the star of the demo day as I tried many other brands this weekend. I have an R11 driver and there is no reason to rush out and buy the Callaway but if I didn't have an adjustable driver already, I would be looking for the Callaway. My only complaint is the lack of choice in weighting. I would prefer to have more of a choice than all in the toe or in the heel. My Taylor has added weights and I like the heavier head weighted more in the toe of the club, but only a marginal difference.
    Look A
    Feel A
    Performance A
    Overall A

  2. Yeah,it definitely is one of the top performing drivers of 2012! Thanks for the review!