Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adams Speedline Super S and Super LS Drivers

When TaylorMade purchased Adams Golf this past year, many expected changes to be made to Adams club lineup.  Swaying away from the classic look of the hybrids and woods seemed to be inevitable.  Now, we can see what some of the finished products look like.

The Adams Speedline Super LS Driver is the new entry from Adams into the "players" driver category.  This is a stray away from their usually game improvement focus.  The Speedline LS features a low launch and low spin head design, with a deeper face than the Super S.  It features the Adams trademark VST slot to increase ball speed off the face and offers adjustability more akin to it's TaylorMade brother.  The new adjustability is a real upgrade from the old system and will be much easier for the user.  It comes stock with a real deal Mitsubishi Rayon Kurokage shaft.  And following with the TaylorMade trend, it features a white crown with a black face.

The Speedline Super LS Driver from Adams Golf.  Pictures from

The Adams Speedline Super S Driver is the game-improvement club in the new lineup.  A 460 degree head design with a shallower face promotes high launch with more forgiveness than the Super LS.  It also features the VST slot technology and looks similar to the Super LS with the white crown and black face.  This one comes stock with a real deal Matrix Radix 60 shaft.

Speedine Super S Driver.  Pictures from

These drivers fall into two different price points.

The Speedline Super LS targets the better golfer with all of the technological advances from Adams and will retail at $399.

The Speedline Super S falls in a more modest price point and is targeted at the everyday golfer looking for forgiveness.  It retails at $299.

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