Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Impression Club Review: Callaway Razr X Black Driver

I also hit the Razr X Black driver yesterday at the Madison Golf Show.

The first thing I noticed was how good the club looked. The black on black was really nice, and was probably the best looking Callaway driver I have ever hit. The graphics on the sole are a lot better than the Razr Fit, and the top of the club is better as well. The head shape is pretty nice as well for more of a Game Improvement driver. The club has a very shallow face for a driver, which does not suit me well, but if you are looking for a light driver with forgiveness this might be it.

When swinging the driver, I noticed how light it was. The Forged Composite and the design definitely make the club a lot lighter. This does not suit my swing, but it wasn't too bad. The club actually has really nice feel. It seems to launch off the face. I believe that it probably spins a good amount because of the shallow face, but I could not really determine how much with the short ball flight. The club is easy to hit in the center of the face, but I'm sure if you miss the center of the face it will be very forgiving. This club was definitely better sounding than the Razr Fit, quieter and more of a thwack.

All in all, for a game-improvement forgiving driver, this one should be one to test. Also, the price on this one (249 MSRP, I believe) is pretty low for many drivers out there these days. So if you are in the market for a new driver and don't have 400, look for this one.

Looks: B+
Feel: B
Performance: B-
Overall: B/B-

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