Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scratch Golf Wedges Review (Mini)

Well, finally settled on my new wedges for the season. I am gonna be bagging Scratch Golf (www.scratchgolf.com) 8620 Milled wedges. The wedges are precision milled and ground to meet your game's needs. I ended up fitting into the Digger-Driver category, meaning I tend to miss fat and I hit down on my wedges. Which is exactly what I do, so these should hopefully help with some of the harder shots.

Scratch wedges are a little smaller profile than your normal wedge. In fact, Vokey SM4 wedges will look like shovels compared to these. But the profile instills confidence in me. I did not hit all of the lofts I bought, but I did hit the 56*. I had played 6 years with my original Cobra wedge before switching last year to Mizuno MP T-11s (which you can find a full review on my blog--click on the club review section to the right). The MP-Ts just did not work for my swing, whether it was the Dynamic Gold spinners or the grind of the wedges. So these should get me back to where I need to be. I also went back to my old set-up of 56 and 60 at the bottom of the bag, along with a 50 degree gap wedge. The big gap may seem like a lot, but I hit so many wedges into greens from 100-125 that the 56 covers my 100 yard club and the 50 covers my 125. The best part about these wedges are the shafts that are available stock. You can get Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex, R300, S300, and X100, as well as KBS Tour stock no upcharge. Which is a much better quality than any other wedgemaker out there. And for $109 a piece with your custom grind and custom stamping, you cannot go wrong.

When I get the wedges and play a few rounds on them, I will make sure to post a full review. But in the mean time, if you are in the market for new wedges, check out Scratch Golf. www.scratchgolf.com. They have 2 standard wedges available (8620 Milled and 1020 Forged) and also offer tour custom fitting, grinding, stamping, and personalization if you have the money and need for the custom set up.

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