Thursday, August 30, 2012

Deutsche Bank Championship 2012--What to do without Thursday Golf?

Normally, Thursday marks the first round of a PGA Tour event.  Not this week, however, as the Deutsche Bank Championship starts Friday for it's traditional Monday finish on Labor Day.  So what do us golf fans have to do on a Thursday?  No golf for us to watch?  No problem!

Take this Thursday and go out and practice your own game.  Hit up the local driving range, step on the practice green, or just drop a few golf balls in the hallway and a dime on the floor and putt away.  Do you think the pros take a day off?  NO!  We can get better.  We can drop our scores and increase our enjoyment on the golf course.  Who doesn't want to shoot lower scores?

In honor of the Deutsche Bank Championship, make sure to play your round this weekend natural stroke play.  Do not give up any strokes to competitors, just try your best to shoot your lowest score.  Take more hybrids and long irons off tees, putt from off the green.  You'd be amazed at the score you will shoot doing that.  Many strokes are given up when amateur golfers chip from the fringe as it is almost too hard for them to control the exact distance.  Using a putter will help you find yourself closer to the hole.  Also, you'd be amazed at the scoring capabilities you have when you hit fairways with hybrids and long irons.  Yeah, you may be a little farther out, but it is easier to hit the green with a 7 iron from the fairway than a wedge from behind trees or in a bunker or in a hazard.  Aggressively swing on a conservative line.

So, that's what us golf fans can do while waiting for the Deutsche Bank Championship to start.  See you later, off to hit a few putts and lower my scores!  Have a good one!

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