Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UDesign by Callaway Golf--Customize your Razr Fit Driver

Over the past few years, customization has become the key word in the golf club industry.  Starting with static fittings and evolving into radar launch monitor testing, custom clubs are a huge component in many players' bags.  Recently, companies like Titleist (Vokey Design) and Cleveland (588 Series) have offered custom wedges tailored to your game.  Companies like Scratch Golf have built a complete brand upon that.  But no one until now has offered you full customization of your driver.

With the UDesign program from Callaway, players are able to design their own driver.  You get to pick the sole color, which is a first in the golf industry.  Also, the program allows easy shaft customization and has a large selection of custom shaft offerings.  Stock offerings are available, but shafts from Graphite Design, Fujikura, Mistubishi-Rayon and others are offered to the customer.  Finally, the program allows the customer easy length, loft, and lie changes which are hard to come by with the driver.  A grip choice is also available.

The drivers definitely are not the cheapest products when customized, but with a proper fit and shaft, you may not need to buy another driver for a long time.  Check it out!

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