Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ping G15 Driver Review--Hit it Bubba Long! G20 Cannot Compare!

After playing a few more rounds with my G15 driver, I have decided to repost the review to reiterate how good of a club it is!

Well, I believe I have finally found my driver. I have tried numerous models, shaft combos, and many other choices, but the holy grail is finally in my grasp. What driver is that, you may ask? Well, it's the PING G15.

My G15 is a Tour-Only 7.5* head shafted with a Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.0 in X-Stiff flex. The look at address of this club is amazing. I thought the trademark PING half-moon alignment aid would be distracting but it actually isn't too bad. The head shape is really nice, almost like the I20 of this year. The face is pretty deep for a "GI" driver, but with the tour head and 7.5* the face had to be deep. The color of the head is nice, and the G15 sole graphics are very nice.

When first hitting the G15 driver a few months ago, I loved the feel. That has not changed with this model. Actually, the tour-only head has amazing feel. It comes off the face so hot and has a nice sound to it. Much better sounding and feeling than this year's G20 model. The forgiveness is still there as well, even with the 7.5 degrees of loft. I also loved how this driver just goes straight. My miss is a big fade, and with the G15, I could hit the ball straight, work it right to left, and hit my stock fade when needed. I also loved how the driver did not balloon but just bore through the wind I was hitting into. I cannot wait to hit it more on the course and actually get some roll out with a driver.

All in all, I think the G15 is probably the best driver ever made. So many PGA players were using it and still have it in the bag. I think the G20 is a step back for PING. If you are looking for a new driver, check this one out. You probably can get it for a pretty good deal, and PING drivers keep their resale value forever. I will post a more detailed review when I have a few more rounds under my belt with the club.

Watch for my full-bag review as the club reviews keep coming!

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