Thursday, May 17, 2012

TaylorMade Rocketballz and Rocketballz Tour Fairway Review

Well, I have played the Rocketballz Tour Fairway for a couple weeks now and all I can say is wow!  It is almost too long for the bag!  The look is still tough to get used to, but with the performance it is definitely the club to use!  I chose it after a short trial period with the normal Rocketballz fairway.

From the tee, the Rocketballz sets up beautifully.  The semi-deep face allows you to feel confident with the ball teed up and will not have you hit underneath it.  With that confidence, you can hit down just a little bit in order to hit the perfect fairway wood shot from the tee.  The accuracy of the club off the tee is also really good.  With the stock shaft traded out (I decided to go with a Fubuki in it), it is almost perfect off the tee.  The only thing is the difficulty of working the ball off the tee, but a draw is definitely easier to hit than a fade.

From a fairway lie, the club plays really well.  The deeper face is not the easiest to get in the air from a tight lie, but when struck well, it is very good.  I prefer my old Adams off the fairway due to the shallower face, but when hit solidly this one is 10-15 yards longer from the ground.  It also can be played from the rough pretty easily.  When you want to advance it down the fairway, it plays great with a 3/4 punch swing.  Like all woods, they are not made to hit out of the rough, but they still do a pretty good job.

All in all, TaylorMade has made a huge splash with this fairway wood.  The club is great all around.

Looks: B+
Feel: A-
Sound: A-
Performance: A-
Overall: A-

Check it out and give it a try!

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