Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nike Golf 360 (NG360)

Today, Nike Golf debuted its new program designed to help golfers track, improve, and share their golf game.  The program will feature a website and a mobile app that will enable golfers to share their progress with others.  Golfers will be able to track statistics and see improvements, get swing advice from coaches, and implement training activities that are golf specific.

From NikeGolf, the key components of the app are as follows:
"My Game
Golfers can track their game by keeping statistics such as their scoring average, driving accuracy, greens in regulation and average putts per round. “My Game” allows golfers to see how they stack up by monitoring results and beating their personal bests. Within “My Game,” golfers stay motivated by winning “trophies” as a result of improved statistics.
My Swing
Golfers can upload and compare video of their golf swing to their friends and Nike Golf athletes. They can also receive personal coaching from Nike Swoosh Staff members who are PGA Teaching Professional instructors. Swoosh Staff members can provide feedback and swing tips through a video swing analysis tool.
My Body
This will help golfers get into golf shape, thanks to Nike Golf’s partnership with the Gray Institute, the foremost leader in Applied Functional Science. The Gray Institute has developed the NG360 Functional Performance System that is tailored to golf movements that the body makes, a clear distinction from other training systems.
My Gear
Golfers can navigate products on the website that are suitable to their needs, while also receiving product recommendations from the Nike Swoosh Staff. Golfers can also upload the contents of their bags in the “What’s in their Bag” section. “My Gear” will increasingly become more robust as the NG360 App evolves."

The app will change how golfers can track, improve, and share their golf game and also brings a new initiative of fitness into the game.

A tour of the new app can be seen here.

The app is available for free on the ITunes store.

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