Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Golf Clubs--The Bag is Set

Well, finally have the bag set for 2012, and it is just in time for the season to get started. I believe that this year's setup will be the best my game has had. Fittings, testing, and everything else has gone into this setup. I have finally realized a softer shaft is better for my game. Yes, I would love to hit heavy X-stiff flex shafts in every club, but if I can play better with the ones I have, why worry about it. So here's what is in the bag:

Driver: Ping G15 Tour Issue 7.5* with Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.0 X-stiff
Hybrid: TaylorMade Rescue 11 with UST Mamiya Tour Only VTS 100HS
Irons: 4-6 Titleist 712 AP2 with Dynamic Gold XP S300, 7-9 Titleist 712 CB with Dynamic Gold S300
Wedges: 47* Titleist 712 MB with Dynamic Gold S300, 50* Scratch Golf Milled 8620 with Dynalite S300, 56*, 60* Scratch Golf 8620 with Dynamic Gold S300
Putter: Piretti Potenza 360g 33" with UST Mamiya Frequency Filtered Shaft

If you can count, this is only 13 clubs. I am open to adding a fairway wood into the bag but have not found the correct one yet. I am looking for 14-17* and will use it more off the tee (deeper face).

This is the best set-up I have ever had so hopefully it translates into better play for 2012 and beyond. Look for reviews of all the clubs and shafts listed above in the near future.

Hit em straight.

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  1. I've been asking if Titleist offers the DG XPS300 for their irons. It seems that the Dynalite XP is an option but this is the first I'm hearing of the DG XP being put in.