Friday, February 24, 2012

First Impression Review Series: Ping I20 Irons

The second part of my demo today was the Ping I20 iron set. Again, I had the 7 iron, green dot (2.25* upright), with the stiff flex CFS shaft.

The first thing I noticed about the I20 was how good the iron looked. It was amazing looking for a cavity back iron. It is no wonder that many PGA pros play the I-series irons. I really like the cavity design as well, which IMO improves upon the I15 color scheme.

Swinging the iron, I did not notice much difference between the CFS shaft and a Dynamic Gold S300 in feel. Ping has always made top of the line steel shafts, and these are no exceptions. There are players on tour using these, so they must be alright.

Hitting the irons, I noticed the feel that the irons had. For a cast club, they definitely had the feel. Also, I hit all 4 types of shot with them (draw, high fade, low punch, and normal shot). These are one of the first irons in a while that I have been able to work the ball with all four shots that I like to hit. I also had no problem with trajectory adjustment at all. High draws, low draws, anything I wanted, they would do. I think that Ping has a winner in these clubs. Look for these to outsell any other iron out there this year

The only thing I would change is the Ping stock grip. But other than that, this is the best iron I have hit so far in 2012, and one of the best ever!

Grade: A


  1. I just tried the i-20 irons at a demo day this afternoon. Also loved the feel of the dynamic gold (S300) shaft over the stock CFS shaft.

    Do you know if you can order these irons with the dynamic gold shaft anywhere. I checked online retailers like golf town and Edwin Watts and they don't have this option on the website.

    I don't mind paying a little extra for the S300 shafts but I'm wondering how long it will take to get these and where would I go to get these.

    Also am having trouble deciding on a new i-20 driver. I tried a 9.5 degree with the project x stiff shaft which seemed ok, but I play with a G2 with an Aldila NV 65-s, so I noticed the project x shaft was only 57 g. They didn't have a stock 9.5 stiff but they made one for me with screwing one on, but it didn't feel right, likely because it was screwed on quickly. Guess i'm just gonna have to demo a TFC 707D shaft in a 9.5 loft to see what i like. I also tried the g-20, but felt like I could shape the i-20 slightly better.

    Any info greatly appreciated.



    1. Hey Jon,

      You can order the clubs with S300s. Give a try. You'll have to send them an email or call them and they will be able to give you a price quote. If I remember correctly when I contacted a PING retailer they told me about 10-14 dollars a club upcharge for the S300s. IDK if that is right but that's what I remember.

      Also, the I20 driver is nice. If you have a shaft that you like, go to and click on PING custom options. They have a list of everything they offer at an upcharge and again you can call through a PING dealer and get the custom shaft option you would like.

      I have heard I20 irons are backordered. I don't know if everything has been shipped out now since they've been out for 3 months, but when you call Morton's to make your order they will give you the timetable.

      Good luck!