Friday, February 24, 2012

First Impression Review Series: Ping G20 Irons

Well, got the opportunity to hit the G20s and I20 today, and outside at that! It was 30 degrees outside, so I have no idea how the balls were really flying, but it was nice to see the actual flight.

I hit a 7 iron of the G20 series. First looks make me realize that this is a Super Game Improvement (SGI) iron. The head is HUGE, and the offset is really bad. Now, I used to play Cleveland TA5s back in the day, so I have hit GI irons, but like the G series before it, the G20s are not appealing for me. The color and face are nice, but I could not get over how big and bulky the irons were.

I was hitting it with Green Dot (2.25* upright) and stiff CFS shafts. The club feels alright for a cast iron, but even solid shots did not give me the feel I was looking for. I also could not figure out how to line the club up with the offset and everything. Now these irons may be great for beginners or people looking to improve upon a high handicap, but for me they were just too big.

Grade: C+

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