Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Impression Review Series: PING I20 Driver

Well, one of the clubs that I looked forward most to hitting was the PING I20 driver. I had heard so much positive feedback about the club that I had to see for myself if it was up to all the hype.

First off, when I talked to the associate at the golf shop, he said many people had liked the TFC stock shaft by PING more than the Project X Black. I, however, was looking forward to the PX Black since it seems to be the shaft that would fit my profile. But the shaft was not provided at the fitting cart at the shop so I had to go with the TFC in stiff flex. Paired with a 9.5* head (also would have preferred 8.5), I began to swing.

First thing I noticed was how good the matte black/grey head looked. It was really nice and I'm sure would be great on sunny days. I am not a fan, however, of the oversized PING alignment aid that is on the crown of every club. That is just too busy for my liking. The graphics of the stock shaft are pretty nice, and the overall look is completely opposite of the Cobra AMP driver.

The club, to me, felt really light when swinging it. I usually like to feel some heft, so it took some time getting used to. I do not have my best swing right now being the offseason, but was still able to put some good swings on the ball. The feel, on well struck shots is unbelievable. However, it is not the most forgiving driver out there. Since I usually strike the ball well with driver, that is not an issue for me. However, if you are looking for some forgiveness with the PING feel, try the G20.

Overall, the club is definitely one of the better drivers of 2012 so far. I will eventually hit the G20 to compare, as well as the offerings from other companies.

Grade: A-/B+

Up next will be the Cobra ZL Encore, so stay tuned. Also looking forward to the release of the Callaway Razr Fit this weekend! Also, make sure to vote in the Poll regarding irons!

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