Sunday, December 11, 2011

Club Review: Mizuno MP-T 11 Wedges

This season was the first season I have gotten new wedges in 4-5 years.  I had been used to cast wedges that had almost no grooves in them.  So I went to a fitting and decided on the Mizuno MP-T 11 wedges.

When they first arrived, I noticed how good the White Satin finish was.  There was no glare from the sun and the finish looked like it would hold up really well.  I also liked the grinds on the wedges, they looked so clean.  The heads were the nice traditional look and there was nothing bad looking about them.  I had never owned forged wedges before so I didn't know what to expect.

When I got them out to the course, the first thing I noticed was how well they worked chipping close to the green.  I had them in 50, 54, 58* lofts, which seemed to be a good setup for me.  The chipping was flawless around the greens.  It took a few practice shots to get used to the Condition of Competition (CC) grooves, but one I did, they performed just as well as the old grooves.  I was able to hit the skip and stop shot, the bump and run, and the flop and get all of them close.  The best part of my game is my chipping, and these fit right into my usual game plan.

When the time finally arrived to hit a full shot, though, the wedges fell a little short for me.  Mizuno shafts these wedges with the Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts, which to me are a disappointment.  The look of the shaft combined with the performance just wasn't there.  I seemed to always have the wedges coming up short or just not being accurate.  Usually I am dead on with my wedges so this was unexpected.  The feel on the shots was a little too soft for me as well.  I didn't get any feedback from the wedges as to how I hit them.  The soft feel was nice around the greens but I prefer a little more of a "click" when hitting from the fairway.  The best shots I hit with these wedges was from the rough.

Overall, these are great wedges if you are looking for soft wedges that spin a lot.  However, they just did not live up to what I was expecting from a forged offering from Mizuno.  I am still on the lookout for wedges to work, so hopefully I will find some very soon.

Til Next Time,

My Ratings:

Look: 5/5
Feel: 4/5
Performance: 3.5/5
Spin 5/5
Overall: 4/5 B+

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