Sunday, December 4, 2011

Club Review: Adams Idea A12 Pro Hybrid

Well, here's my second go at a club review.

I have spend numerous range and demo sessions trying to find a hybrid.  I've tried the Idea Pro Black, which were not forgiving enough for me, and I tried the Idea A7, which was a hook machine.  I've tried offerings from Cleveland and Cobra and Titleist and none seemed to fit the bill.  So when the new Adams A12 Idea Pro hybrid was released, I was skeptical.  But like any golfer I needed to give it a try.  So I bought a 20* club head and a Graphite Design Tour AD-UT 95X shaft.  I sent it out to be built and waited to receive it back.

Like most golfers out there, I was extremely impatient while waiting to get the club back.  And it took forever, like 3 weeks.  But I was getting the work done for free so I guess it was OK.  When I got the club, I first noticed how well it set up.  I didn't really care for the look of many other Adams hybrids, but this one was really good.  The smoky finish and peanut-shaped clubhead, this one was a real tribute back to the old Adams Tour Issue PNT from years past.  I also really liked how it set up pretty square, not closed like many of the game-improvement hybrids out there today.  And I finally liked the lack of alignment aid on the clubhead.  If you can't align a hybrid properly, then you should go back to the GI line.  When I received it I was eager as always to get the club to the course.

As I always do when I get a new club, I use it off the first tee unless it is a par 3.  So I took the hybrid out and hit a shot.  The first thing I noticed was the feel off the face.  It wasn't harsh or anything but the feel just wasn't what I am used to from an Adams hybrid.  However, that lack of feel was soon replaced by the sight of a ball traveling down the fairway with piercing trajectory with my normal left-right ball flight.  I had hit the fairway.  The club is almost a point-and-shoot type of club.

The next shot I used it on was out of the rough just trying to lay up on a par 5.  I wasn't trying to kill it, so I choked up and hit.  And the club worked beautifully.  Small fade, 195 yards and to a perfect distance for a wedge.  This club is built perfectly for shots out of the rough.  I wouldn't try to hit the hero shot with it out of the rough, but you cannot beat it for a recovery shot.

I finally hit a fairway and had it 205 out into the wind.  I step up and hit what I think is a beautiful shot, felt good off the face and has my normal fade ballflight.  However I misjudge the wind and it comes up 8 yards short of the target in a bunker.  Not the club's fault, should have taken more.

All in all, the Adams Idea Pro A12 hybrid is a very good club.  I like it better off the fairway and rough than the tee, which has me still looking for the perfect hybrid out there, as I love taking that club off the tee.  It is not the most forgiving hybrid, so if you are looking for forgiveness, go another way.  But overall, Adams has come out with another great club and is still the leader in hybrids.

My search continues.  If anyone has a hybrid recommendation for me, please let me know.

Overall ratings:
Look: 4.5/5
Feel: 3.5/5
Forgiveness: 3/5
Performance: 4/5
Distance: 3.5/5
Overall Score: 3.75/5 B

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