Sunday, July 15, 2012

Golfers on Twitter: #Showusyournumber

Hey everybody, there is a new movement by golfers on Twitter to post their lowest gross score as their profile picture.  #Showusyournumber has gained numerous followers and participants since the movement started.  Golfers from all over the world are participating and posting pictures stating their lowest score.  I've seen everything from a 58 (WOW!) to 90+ posted, so there is no reason for embarrassment!  My lowest is a 75 shot in a tournament on a par 70 course to finish top 5 after a tough first 2 days.  So go to twitter, post your round in your profile pic, and retweet #Showusyournumber

Maybe a tour pro or two will follow suit ;)

To read more about the beginnings of the movement, check out who started the trend with his friends!  Here's a snippet from his blog post:

"On Tuesday this week I played in a weekly golf game with 17 other club members and shot a 73, my best ever gross score over 18 holes.

Naturally, I was extremely pleased and VERY keen to let my Twitter buddies @mattholbrook86 and @philp1977 know about it. We're having a mini competition (first to 7 wins over the summer) and I thought if I rubbed their noses in it a bit, we'd have a good laugh and perhaps I'd even gain a psychological competitive edge!

I made a decision to change my Twitter profile image to the number 73, a constant reminder to my opponents of my golfing prowess, and my sole intention to kick their asses in the coming weeks.

I'll let you know how that goes. @philp1977 is currently in the lead with 3 wins, Matt and myself have 2.

This morning, another Twitter buddy of mine, namely the great and wise Mr. Ross Murdoch (@cafebrouge) asked me a question;

I replied and told him the significance of my '73' icon and he thought it was a cool idea. Within minutes he'd also changed his profile pic to show his lowest ever round, a 78. 

Soon after @MattHolbrook86 changed his picture to highlight his PB of 87.

Next, @neverupneverin1 changed his picture and started tweeting the #showusyournumber hashtag.

A trend had started.

With the help of @golfshake, @darrenram, @prinsjoel, @ron_lewis. @3_putt and many, many other passionate golf nuts, #showusyournumber became a worldwide trending topic at approximately 2pm UK time. Please search for the #showusyournumber hashtag on Twitter to get an idea of what I'm talking about."

Let's keep it going!

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