Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cobra Amp Iron Set Review--From Eduardo

Here is a review of the Cobra Amp Iron set from a reader just like you!  Eduardo, thanks for the review and hopefully the clubs work out for you for many years.  If anyone else posts a review, I will present it as its own article.  Here's what Eduardo had to say:

"I just bought the AMPs irons with the stock R flex steel shafts.
I've been playing for 8 years with the Callaway's Big Bretha 2004. Since then I've improved to a 17 hcp.
I wanted to move out from the "super" game improvement clubs, but I don't think I'm ready for a set of blades. From all the clubs I tried (callaway Rzr X black, Taylormade Rbz, Ping G20) most of them were either too clunky or to thin from the sole. The AMPs, I think, are right in the middle between both worlds. 
I tried the 4i and the 7i, in both of them I hit 10-15 yds longer than with my Big Bertha's but this could be because of the stronger loft. The biggest difference against my BB's is in the long irons which at address do not look like a cavity back. However, I all hits were straight and the distance was there.
About the shaft, I tried both the Stiff and the Regular flex. My swing speed averaged 84mph, which is in the overlap between suggesting one or the other (according to the custom fitter R flex is suggested upto speeds of 85mph and S flex is suggested in speeds of minimum 80mph). I went with the R Flex because we're not getting any younger and my speed will surely slow down with time. AS the custom fitter said: "We're not getting any younger!".
I will try them in a 9 hole round today, let's see how it goes."

Enjoy the clubs Eduardo!

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