Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wave Home Purification Soluitions

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wave Home Solutions. All opinions are 100% mine.

For many homeowners, water and moisture in the basements is a major problem.  Along with moisture problems, air quality can also be a problem in homes.  Many homeowners use dehumidifiers, but they can cost up to $50 a month in electric bills, not to mention the constant job of emptying the canister on the machine.  But without using the dehumidifier, many homes will start to build up dust and mold, causing the air in the house to become unsafe and dangerous for the people living there.

But there is a solution.  Wave Home Solutions has a program and equipment to prevent mold buildup and improve the quality of air in your basement without the high cost of a dehumidifier.  The Wave Home Solutions system will prevent dust mites and mold from growing, and relieve many of the ailments that may be caused by moist and stale air.  The system ventilates the air, expelling the pollutants and other harmful particles, while also removing excess moisture.  The system takes air from the lowest level of the home, like the basement, and expells it outside.  Then, warmer and drier air from an upper level is brought into the basement and keeps the movement and exchange of air at the level it needs to be.

The Wave Home Solutions System runs 24/7 and constantly monitors humidity levels to provide a continuous source of clean air.  It is never shut off.  Unlike some other air systems, the Wave Home Solutions system runs on only pennies a day, saving you a ton of money on electric bills each year while still providing a superior level of air purification.  The system is maintanance free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

In my home, the Wave Home Solutions system would clear up any signs of mold or stale air.  Our basement is on the same level as our downstairs that is used a lot, so to have clean air in that location of the house would be ideal.  The unit would cost very little to run and provide a peace of mind to me and my family that the air in our house is safe.

Please check out Wave Home Solutions and the air purification system they offer.  You will definitely be glad you did.  Also, check out the video below to learn more:

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