Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tee It Forward Program

The PGA of America and other golfing organizations are leading a charge throughout the world of recreational golf.  The Tee It Forward program encourages players to try a tee box ahead of where they normally would think about playing.  Not only is this an effort to speed up play on golf courses around the country, it is also a way to make the game more fun and enjoyable for all players.

Let's think about it this way.  Professional golfers average 290 yards off the tee.  On a 400 yard par-4, that gives them 110 yards to the pin, usually a sand wedge of some kind.  Now, if an amateur player tees off from that same tee box and averages 220 yards, he will have 180 yards to the pin.  A 180 yard approach shot from amateurs usually requires a hybrid club.  Now, if the amateur moves up to a tee box around 350 yards, he will have 130 yards left to the pin and a short iron to wedge into the green.  Both par 4s, but one yardage gives the amateur a chance at hitting the green and a birdie putt, while the other leaves a long approach shot that will probably require a pitch to hit the green.  Which would you rather have?

And Tee It Forward should not only apply to the shorter hitters.  Longer hitting amateurs would benefit greatly from teeing it up a box ahead of normal.  No one wants to struggle to make bogeys on a golf course when they can approach many different shots from closer in.  I know that I enjoy hitting greens and making birdie putts, and shorter tee boxes make that much more common.  Players should leave their egos at the parking lot and come to the course to try to make golf as fun as possible.  It is definitely more fun to have birdie putts than to be grinding out bogeys all round.

So what do you say, golfers?  Next time you hit the links, try playing from a forward tee box.  Not only will you hit more greens and shoot lower scores, you will speed play up for everyone on the course.  Who knows, you may just shoot the best round of your life and continue to lower that handicap!

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