Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

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Kia Rio has sent two pairs of best friends on a scavenger hunt through Los Angeles, Geocaching their way to  some of the most well-known landmarks in California.  The teams use the impressive features of the new 2013 Kia Rio, like the Bluetooth system and the USB jack to help them find each location and host Christina Milian.

The five locations for the scavenger hunt are: The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, Amoeba Records, Rodeo Drive, Pink's Hot Dogs, and The Roosevelt Hotel.  Each of these locations gave the friends a clue to help them find the next location and ultimately finish the hunt and win.

Check out this video which will show you highlights from the hunt and the places the two teams visited. 

The hunt really looked like a fun time.  It also was a great way for the friends to become aquainted with the Kia Rio's limitless amenities.  The scavenger hunt was a success and helped many people experience the benefits of the new Kia Rio and what it has to offer them.

The new Kia Rio features Bluetooth, a USB jack, a built-in navigation system and many more specialties.  But my favorite feature of the 2013 Kia Rio is the rear camera display.  How many of you out there hate backing up in a dark or small place because you cannot see what is behind you?  Well, the rear camera display will help you in all of these situations and make reversing, parking, and parallel parking a breeze.

Check out this link, Rio Explorer Page to find out much more about the Kia Rio and learn about the great features.  You also can build your own Rio 5-door hatchback and receive a price quote for purchasing your own vehicle.

Also, their UVO Technology is groundbreaking in the automobile industry.  To learn more about UVO Technology click on the link.  UVO is a breakthrough in in-car entertainment which allows you to personalize your riding experience by the sound of your voice.

Make sure you watch the video above.  The first challenge made the teams use their cubes to answer L.A. trivia questions while on the Merry-go-round at Griffith Park.  The second challenge at Amoeba Records forced the teams to find a hidden Christina Milian CD.  On Rodeo Drive, teams were required to count the exact number of Palm trees along the drive.  At Pink's Hot Dogs, teams had to eat a plate of food to find their final clue.  The final challenge, and the most difficult, was to race to The Roosevelt Hotel penthouse and meet Christina Milian.  Teams were neck and neck and had to make their way through LA traffic, but in the end, the team from San Francisco won.

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