Friday, May 25, 2012

TaylorMade Rescue 11 Full Review

Now that I have played my TaylorMade Rescue 11 for a couple rounds, I feel like I can write a full review of it.

The looks:
The TaylorMade Rescue 11 builds off TaylorMade's foray into the white clubheads.  The design on the top can be distracting at first, but it begins to become less apparent the longer you play the club.  The black face definitely is a great contrast to the white and helps you determine exactly how square the clubface is.  The sole design is pretty clever and actually one of my favorite sole designs for a club ever.  The size of the hybrid is perfect--not so big that it resembles a fairway metal, but not too small to take away confidence.

The Feel:
The feel of the Rescue 11 is pretty nice.  On solid hits, you get the thwack of a well-built golf club.  The head is just weighty enough to feel in the backswing and instill confidence in the downswing.  The sound of the club on mishits is a little pingy and metallic, but other than that, the feel is perfect.

The Performance:
The Rescue 11 is one of the best hybrids I have hit.  I was able to work the ball however I needed to.  From the high fade to the draw to the straight shot, the Rescue 11 definitely performs like a top-class club.  It is no wonder that numerous touring professionals have put this club into their bags.

The Verdict:
For a hybrid this season, the Rescue 11 cannot be beat.  The ball can be flighted however you want, the feel is great, and the looks definitely are A1.  Put one of these in your bag with the perfect shaft and you will not be disappointed.

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