Friday, April 27, 2012

Titleist 913 Driver and Woods

It is the time of year again to get excited about the new releases  from the major club manufacturers.  And one of the most anticipated releases is the Titleist 913 wood line.  After the major success of the 910 line, I'm sure more people than ever are willing to give Titleist woods a try.  Titleist woods, in the past, have mostly been reserved for the better player; but, with the forgiveness of the 910D2 and the 12.5* loft now offered, Titleist is making a big splash into the game-improvement business as well.

Since Titleist only releases new models every two years, the anticipation is even greater.  Even Tour Professionals are excited.  Brendan Steele, a Titleist PGA Tour staffer, tweeted: "Starting to get really excited about the new 913 gear, cant wait to get it in the bag!"

No pictures are available, but I'm sure players will have the clubs on the range by early summer, and images should start surfacing around July.  Titleist prevents staff members from sharing pictures of the clubs and most professionals try the new models at home courses.

A few rumors that have surfaced predict there will be 2 models for each club (Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid).  The two hybrid models is a new concept for Titleist.  The second hybrid will be more of a "players" hybrid, that is lower launching and smaller.  The driver and fairway will keep the same styles, with a deeper faced driver and deeper faced fairway along with the traditional look.   The Sure-Fit adapter from the 910 series should work for the 913 series.  And Titleist is working to make the adapter on the new one more streamlined and smaller looking.

I am definitely looking forward to this release.  The 910 fairway is one of my favorites, and the driver is one of the top of the past couple years for many players.  Look for pics to surface around the US Open and the release date to the public sometime around November.

Until then, keep on playing and hit em straight.


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