Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Course Review: Man O' War in Myrtle Beach, SC

Wow, it's already been 4 months since I took my maiden voyage to the golf capital of the US, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  And I haven't wrote up my review for Man O' War Golf Course yet! So here goes!

Man O' War Golf Course is a beautiful course in Conway, SC.  It belongs to the group of courses under the Mystical Golf Management, which also includes The Witch and The Wizard.  At 6900 yards from the tips, it is a challenging, yet playable golf course.

Water is the name here.  A majority of the holes have some kind of water in play.  Driving accuracy is a must here, since you can accumulate numerous penalty strokes with a few wayward tee shots.  The course starts off with a very fun par 5 that is reachable with two nice shots.  Water comes into play as you reach the approach and layup shots here.  The second is a long par 3, followed by 3 par 4s with water in play on each.  The first five holes are tough, but good shots should give you birdie opportunities.  My favorite hole on the front nine is the 9th hole, where water is in play both left and right of the fairway, and the large, sloping green is a challenge to get it close and make a putt.

The back 9 starts out pretty benign, with some par 4s that have some water in play.  13 is one of my favorite holes here, a long par 5 with woods and houses left and a fairway bunker on the left side that came into play every time I hit driver there.  It is a birdie opportunity with a good drive, but anything left is pretty much dead.  14 is a cool par 4 with an island green, and 15 is an island green par 3.  One of the only courses in the world with back-to-back island greens.  16 and 17 are basic par 4 and par 3, respectively, and the course finished with a short par 5 with water in play off the tee, approach, and layup.

All in all, Man O War was probably my favorite course down in Myrtle Beach that I played this time.  The course was in immaculate shape, and the challenges and variety kept me interested throughout.  I think I came away with an 87, which was my second round of the year so not too bad.

Now some pics:

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