Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Impression Review: TaylorMade R11s and Rocketballz

Starting off the review series is the TaylorMade R11s and Rocketballz drivers, the new release for 2012.

The R11s is an upgrade built off the successful launch of the R11 driver last season. The R11s features the same moveable weights, loft and lie adjustment, and also features a new 5 way face angle piece on the club sole. The graphics of the R11s are a little too over-the-top for me and I much prefer the look of the R11. When it comes to feel, however, the R11s is lightyears ahead of the R11. The ball actually feels like it is coming off the face with some pop instead of the dead feel of the R11. The sound is also pretty nice and muted and a nice thwack. The stock shaft offering, the RIP Phenom by Aldila, was pretty good, but a little whippy for my swing (the only shaft they had was a stiff flex). All in all, the R11s is a real nice driver and should be one of the top sellers again.

When I first heard about the Rocketballz (RBZ) driver coming as the replacement for the Burner series, I was upset to learn that it too had an adjustable hosel. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to select between an adjustable driver and a glued one. And I played the Superfast 2.0 TP this past season and loved it. The RBZ fell way short in the looks department for me. I could not get past the ugly green on the top of the club. The club also felt kind of harsh to me and I really could not get the feel right. The stock shaft offering is way too light and spins out of control. The main thing going for this driver is the head shape, and the face is pretty hot. Other than that I really did not enjoy this driver at all. You may have a different experience than me, but I just did not like it.

Early Grades:

R11s: B+
RBZ: C-/D+

There you have it, the first of my series of First Impression Reviews. Hope you enjoy them and hopefully they are useful when selecting a new club for 2012

Next up tomorrow will be the Cobra AMP driver


  1. I put some new Driver's to the test on a launch monitor today and started with a Callaway RZR, Clevland, Taylormade R11, and a Taylormade Rocketballz. Was thinking that I would purchase the Callaway, but the number didn't lie. The RBZ was carrying 17 yards farther on average. My carry distance was averaging 291 with 18 yards of rollout. Launch angle was 15 degrees ish.

    I purchased the 9* driver. It is a little light for me with my swing speed. I like to be able to feel where I am a little better in my backswing, but I was able to be consistent anyways. This is a.super long driver no doubt. Many of my drives were well over 300 yards.

    1. Hey Mark,

      What shaft do you usually play and what is your Swing speed? I'm sure you could find somewhere to get it changed to make the driver even better! And it looks like the 17 came true for you. Hope it continues to work!