Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boutique and Custom Putters--Piretti, Byron Morgan, C&L, Machine, Bettinardi, and what the common golfer should know

For most golfers, finding the proper putter is a challenge. And many of these players try numerous "off-the-rack" putters until they find one that works or they give up. And this can cost a lot of money. But now, more than ever, there are numerous "boutique" and custom putter companies out there who are built around custom fitting putters to their customers. And usually, the putter is a high-quality CNC Milled putter head from a solid block of steel. But what benefit do these companies and custom putters give regular golfers?

Let's start with a quick story. Golfer #1 has been playing the game for 15 years. He has tried to find the perfect putter for his game. But he can never seem to find the correct fit. Each season, he tries a new putter. Each of these putters average $100 and he gets $40 of trade-in value for each of his old putters. This means he is spent $1500 over the 15 years, and made back $600. So he has spent $900 on putters that do not fit his game, still does not have the correct putter, and has wasted 15 years of golf on this search.

Now let's consider golfer #2. Golfer #2 has done some research about putting and putter brands. He could just buy an off-the-rack putter, but has decided to get custom fit for a putter at a local boutique. The custom-fitter also is the master putter-maker at his business. Golfer #2 takes 2 hours of his time (let's say $40 worth of time), and up to $50 for the fitting (most companies will do it for free). After the process, Golfer #2 has a putter that is custom built to his length, weight, loft, lie, and has the exact grip that he needs on it. "Sounds like a process only reserved for Tour Professionals," you might be saying. Or, "This has to cost a mint, there is no way I can afford it." Well, you may be surprised to know that most of these putters run between $200 and $400. Add to that the possible cost of time and fitting, and you are looking for a range between $200 and $500. Let's think back to Golfer #1. He spent 15 years and $900 on a futile putter search. And Golfer #2 has spent 2 hours and up to $500 and has a putter custom made to his game. The value is there, and the improvement you will see in your putting is measurable.

Now, you might be saying, "Who wants to spend $500 on a putter?" Well, most golfers out there will not hesitate to drop $400 on an "off-the-rack" driver that promises 5 extra yards. And drivers are hit a maximum of 14 times on most courses, usually less. So why not spend money on a club that you will use around 30 times per round (and the technology will not change over many years)?

Now that I have your attention, it is time to talk about the companies out there who are doing this for their customers. Piretti Golf (www.pirettigolf.com), Byron Morgan Putters (www.byronputters.com), Bettinardi Golf: (www.bettinardi.com), C&L Putters (www.350milled.com), Sunset Beach Golf Company (ssbgolf.com), Machine Putters (www.doglegright.com), and others out there are wonderful companies who will build you a handcrafted, custom-fit putter. I have heard numerous good things about all of these companies from die-hard golfers and casual golfers alike. I myself have a custom-fit Piretti Potenza in the bag for this upcoming season. And yes, I too had searched for a putter for years. There is no other feel quite like hitting a putter that is custom fit for you and is milled out of the highest quality steel out there.

If you have any questions, go to the company website and all will be willing to answer any questions for you. And I want to hear back from you. When you find your "holy-grail" of putters, please post here and let everyone know your great experience.

Here's to better golf ahead

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  1. I have never had a customed made putter but i may have to invest in one after hearing this. I run a golf hotel in hereford called Belmont Lodge and to be honest I spend more time on admin than actually playing, however, it's nice to know that I can play a round if I want to.

  2. I think the putter I bought is going to be my best golf investment yet. Having a flatstick that is fit to your game is probably the best thing out there right now. I cannot wait to get out and play again. You really should try to find a custom fitter in the UK to help you out! There probably are some boutique putters over there that I have never heard of! Let us all know if you decide to get one and how it works for you!