Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shaft Review: Graphite Design Tour AD-DJ

2011 could be called the year of the shaft.  So many great choices were released to the public this year.  Stalwarts like Mitsubishi Rayon and Fujikura continued their strong presence in the shaft business, while newcomer Miyazaki made a name for itself with the Kusala and C Kua lines.  However, there is one company that surged above the rest in 2011.  That company?  Graphite Design.

With the 2010 release of the Tour AD-DI shaft, Graphite Design became one of the most talked about shaft companies.  With the great response from players on the PGA tour, the AD-DI became the most well-known and visible shaft on the market.  Even Tiger Woods switched from his trusty Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana series to game the AD-DI in his driver.  So what did Graphite Design do to follow up in 2011?  They came out with the AD-DI's counterpart for higher spin: the Tour AD-DJ.

Upon receiving the AD-DJ, I noticed how clean the striping and colors looked.  It looked like a high-quality shaft.  The orange-red really made the club stand out.  I also liked how everything nearing the tip was a solid off-white color.  Real clean looking.  I could not wait to get the shaft installed in my 3 wood and head to the course.

The first thing I noticed when swinging the club was how smooth the shaft felt.  It was not boardy at all and you really could feel the clubhead throughout the swing.  For me, one of the most important characteristics of a shaft is how it feels, no matter the results.  The first shot I made with the shaft in my 3 wood was one of the longest bullets of a 3 wood I have ever hit, straight down the middle with my customary fade.  I went on to swing the club on 3-4 more shots throughout the round, each time becoming more and more impressed with the club.  The next time I went out, more of the same.  The DJ was the smoothest feeling shaft I have ever hit.  It had just the right combination of launch and spin for a three wood.  Since I am already a high-spin player, I don't think this would be the correct combo for a driver.  But with the three wood, the spin helped keep the ball in the air and travel forever.  This has to be the best three-wood shaft on the market today.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a smooth shaft with amazing results.  At $350+ new, though, you have to be committed to golf to buy it.  But I promise you will not regret it at all.

My Ratings:
Look: 4.5/5
Feel: 5/5
Performance: 5/5
Distance: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5 A+

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