Saturday, December 3, 2011 the Angel and the Devil

It's been almost one year since I stumbled upon the website that has changed golf for me forever,  I was browsing the internet looking for some information on a set of iron heads when I came across the website's forum.  I thought I would just stop by and read a few posts, but those few posts turned into many, those many posts read turned me into a member of the forum, and so it began.

The first this I noticed about WRX was the intelligence and knowledge of the posters.  I started out as a golf noob but have become quite well-versed in the game.  I know now about CPMs, shaft flexes, torques, fitting, loft, lie, and many other technical terms that I can't think of right now but would know if you mentioned them.  I love hearing about new clubs people are trying out, different head/shaft combos, different trips players have taken, the new inside scoop from the PGA tour, and many other stories on there.  But nothing compares to the soul-stealing forum called the BST.

What't the BST you may ask? Well, it is pretty much the online equivalent of a golf Costco, with low price deals to super high-end clubs.  The BST introduced me to the process of swapping clubs until you find the "one", (or 2 or 12 or 100).  It also introduced me to club "hoing" which is always having new ones coming in to try to replace your old ones.  I also learned about tour issue clubs, exotic shafts, Circle T putters, Putter Porn, Miuras, Endo Forgings, JDM clubs, and many other things.  However, with all this good comes the bad--how many clubs I have gone through this year.

The Count?

12 drivers
10+ fairway woods
10+ hybrids
7 iron sets
5 sets of wedges
But only 2 putters

And I am trying to change out more.  I am down to one bag with a couple extra fairway woods and hope to be all TaylorMade in the next couple weeks.  If any of you out there are looking for a great website for the game, check out!

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